Support Spaces

Special Areas
Support Spaces
The conference can be an exciting and busy atmosphere. AEJMC has prepared special spaces for attendees to accommodate specific needs. Be sure to visit these designated areas for you during the conference.
  • All support spaces are open during normal conference hours. Spaces are not open during social hours in the evening. 
  • Tables with charging stations are located on the 3rd floor and are open to all attendees.
  • Gender Neutral Restrooms located on the west side of the 4th Floor near the Michaelangelo room.

Parents’ Room

The Parents’ Room is a private space for parents/caregivers to be able to attend to their child’s immediate needs including feeding and changing. There will be private individual areas within the room.

Location: Champlain room located on the 3rd floor near registration            

Kidz Zone

This is a dedicated space for children of all ages whose parents/caregivers are participating in the AEJMC conference. This space is available for individually arranged childcare: a sitter/nanny/service that has been hired, a family member/friend/colleague who is providing childcare, or an attendee who would like to use the space for their child/children in-between sessions and activities. This is not provided childcare, but rather a provided space for children with their caretakers. You may bring your own snacks and things to do. AEJMC will provide small, individual fun packs, with assorted activities.

Sign up is required.

Location: Will be given to participating families directly

AEJMC Kidz Zone Sign Up Sheet

Students’ Room

This is a special space for our student members to relax, recharge, grab a snack/lunch, & connect with other student members. Snacks and lunch will be provided daily.

Charging stations available

Location: Will be shared directly with student members

Quiet Room

This room is a designated quiet and comforting space where attendees can relax, take a break and recharge. This room is not intended to be used for meetings, networking, conversations, phone calls or digital communication.

Location: Raphael room located on the 4th floor



Location: Exhibit Hall

The AEJMC COVID-19 Narratives Project is an oral history StoryCorps-like project around our experiences with COVID-19 as media and communication teachers, scholars, and professionals.

This will involve an interactive exhibit online and in the AEJMC Conference Hall during the Detroit Conference- (look for the launch of social accounts and the #aejmccovidnarratives). 

We invite all AEJMC members and potential members to participate by sharing their experiences, collaborations, challenges, and joys during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

We will be recording short audio and video stories and have a space for participation with photos, words, and phrases or other representations you feel comfortable sharing with the group. These can be attributed or deidentified to the degree you wish to share your experiences. This can be done in pairs or on your own, over email or in person at the conference. 

There will be an oral history agreement and informed consent agreement which participants can opt in or out of. 

In addition, we are looking for graduate students to participate in the research and curation of this project during the event. If you are interested, we provide free conference registration for graduate students who provide support. We are grateful for the support of AEJMC in this endeavor and to provide this support space during the conference.

For more information, contact CSW vice head Mimi Perreault (